We’re thrilled to sponsor AIESEC Indonesia by providing OpenLearning for free to AIESEC’s members across over 30 universities in Indonesia.

AIESEC’s press release follows.

“At AIESEC we believe that the key to developing student potential is providing widespread access to high quality education. We ensure that our members have a solid foundation of practical and adaptable training that they can take with them to internships and opportunities all over the world. Since AIESEC is a global and diverse organisation with bases in fourteen cities in Indonesia, we are exploring avenues of accessible online education. In March 2014 we signed a partnership with OpenLearning, Australia’s leading online learning platform, who have agreed to provide their platform for free to all our members.”

“As a company, OpenLearning understands that education plays an important role in developing talented and capable students. OpenLearning’s innovative and dynamic platform enables anyone in the world to teach high quality and engaging courses, helping students to form fulfilling communities regardless of culture or location. OpenLearning is looking to increase their presence in South-East Asia, adding to their existing partnerships with leading universities in Australia and Malaysia, Fortune 500 companies, and independent teachers worldwide.”

“By partnering with OpenLearning, AIESEC hopes to open up new opportunities for students and teachers all over the country. Online education is new to Indonesia, and yet because of our large percentage of Internet users we believe that online learning can provide a promising solution to the problem of education inaccessibility. We hope that our partnership with OpenLearning will deliver education solutions not only to AIESEC but to people and organisations all over Indonesia.”

– See more at: http://aiesec.or.id/magazine/welcome-our-new-national-partner#sthash.kVHntFey.dpuf

About AIESEC Indonesia

AIESEC is a global youth network supplying leadership development experience all over the world. We are present in 124 countries and territories, providing diverse activities comprising of local and national team experience, global social volunteering, and internships abroad. We aim to develop leadership potential within an entire generation of gifted students, providing opportunities for them to have a positive impact on Indonesian society and the worldwide community.

In Indonesia, AIESEC has been developing potential within Indonesia’s youth for more than thirty years. Over the past year we have provided more than 1235 international experiences to young people in Indonesia, creating leaders with the characteristics that the world needs. AIESEC is now present in fourteen cities and more than twenty-eight universities all over Indonesia, including Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Malang, Semarang, Padang, Jogjakarta, Makassar, Palembang, and others. For more information you can visit www.aiesec.or.id .

About OpenLearning

Open Learning Global Pty Ltd was founded on the belief that people experience the most effective education when they are self-motivated, engaged, and interested in learning. The OpenLearning platform works to foster communities around courses with the aim of making online learning fun, effective and delightful.
OpenLearning provides a social, collaborative, and engaging way to learn and teach online. It has its roots in the award winning teaching of Associate Professor Richard Buckland, and the team is led by Australian software engineers Adam Brimo (CEO) and David Collien (VP Engineering).
OpenLearning was launched in late 2012 and has already introduced Australia and Malaysia to their first massive online open courses. The platform is rapidly growing, and is currently being used by University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, and the Australian Writers’ Centre, amongst many other universities and organisations. To date, over 30,000 people worldwide have taken courses through OpenLearning.

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