OpenLearning at the forefront of MOOCs across Asia and the South Pacific

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Adam Brimo recently sat down with CourseTalk a leading MOOC aggregator platform, to discuss the direction of MOOCs and online education within Asia and the South Pacific.

OpenLearning is currently gaining momentum within these markets having launched the first Australian MOOC in 2012 and Malaysian MOOC in 2013. Adam’s interview explores the learning trends in these regions and how they differ from American and European style education. He attributes OpenLearning’s success and rapid growth to its ability to cater to different learning styles with a strong focus on student autonomy and collaboration.

“There are so many engineers out there who want to build a learning platform, but unless you have a vision and pedagogy, it’s really difficult.”

When asked why OpenLearning focuses on bringing the “fun” and “creative” aspects of learning to our courses, Adam responded with the importance of keeping student’s encouraged and stimulated. He went on to state the goal of the educator should be to foster these things, allowing students to be themselves and express creativity. This coupled with a range of activities, student feedback and engagement is what Adam describes makes learning “fun”.

Adam goes onto talk about the increase of MOOCs within corporations, OpenLearning’s future goals and his view on the future and direction of online education. Click here to read the full interview with CourseTalk.

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