OpenLearning Launches The Educationist

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Education is unarguably fundamental to every society. While this point is not contended, the way we assess students, organise schools, funding, and implement different technologies relating to education is heavily debated. As we continue to spend time focusing on the details, we begin to neglect the high level learning philosophy that drives those decisions. Such philosophies impact the way we teach and explain how present learning structures come to exist.

As stated by Sir Ken Robinson, “people can spend a lot of time discussing education without ever discussing learning”. In an attempt to solve thisOpenLearning is proud to announce the launch of The Educationist.

The Educationist is an email publication dedicated to improving the quality of education pedagogy and conversation. Our aim is to build a community of diverse individuals sharing ideas, opinions and academic work on education discourse.

We hope this will enable in-depth discussions on current trends and complex issues, encouraged by sourcing articles from authors with proven credentials and expertise.

Education technologies, including innovations like OpenLearning, provide tools and support to help facilitate effective learning. However, the core to great learning is in its philosophy, the discourse it forms and how it is then implemented. The Educationist, aims to decipher our current education dilemma and encourage change through open discussion and greater access to information.

The first issue written by Stephen Downes, who is best known as the originator of the MOOC, discusses the role of technology, innovation and depleting education at present. The second issue has just been released and will be followed by ongoing weekly contributions. The latest piece written by Prof. Dr. Jozef Colpaert, Editor of the CALL Journal and Professor of Instructional Design at the University of Antwerp, explores the role of pedagogy and technology in educational design.

Join the conversation by following (@EducationistThe) and subscribing to The Educationist here.


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