7 Simple Steps to Bring You Closer to a Happy, Positive, Successful 2015

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A new year starts again. This year, you promise yourself, will be different.

You will make sure that you will attain work/life balance. You will make sure that you leave work on time so that you can be home for dinner and spend time with your family. You will make sure that this year you will start to look after YOU more- do what you love, have the courage to say what you really think and feel about things, stop lying to yourself, do the job you love, find love, have more love, bring in larger sums of income, lose weight, think and be positive…

All this seems so possible and so achievable as you are lying on the beach enjoying the sun, or lounging on your couch enjoying your book, or just watching the sun go down as you walk along the harbor during this holiday season.

But then your mind switches to when you need to go back to work/uni- you will need to wake up at 5am, face the traffic, smile at your boss and colleagues, deal with customers, cook dinner, go to the gym, finish your assignments, read to your children, clean the house…and start all over again the next day.

All your best intentions of making this year different doesn’t seem so possible now. The stresses, worries, fears, anxieties, unhappiness and that feeling of dread you experienced in 2014 threatens to repeat itself for 2015.

“How to break out of this pattern?” you wonder to yourself. “Is there a way to break out of this pattern?”

The answer is “YES”. Absolutely there is a way.

Here are 7 simple steps you can do to start making positive changes for 2015.

  1. Think about what area of your life you would like to make a change- health, wealth, work, family, relationships, self etc.
  2. Write it down as if you have already achieved your change, right now.
  3. When writing down your intention, wish or desire, do not say, “I will”
    This means that it will happen in the future, which means it will never happen.
    To give more power and energy to your intention, write it down in present tense- that it is happening now.
    Example 1: instead of “I will stop smoking”; say “I am really healthy now that I have stopped smoking”.
    Example 2: instead of “I will save money”, say “I feel secure with all my savings.”
    You are not lying to yourself- you are sending the messages to the universe that this is your reality. Following the Law of Attraction, the universe starts to work and shift to bring that reality to you immediately.
  4. Observe how you feel by writing your intention in the present tense. There is a sense of energy, joy, and excitement to hear the reality in your life right now. These positive feelings naturally give you ideas and motivate you to take action to make what you have written a reality.
  5. Read over or think about all that you have written as often as possible to feel the reality of having achieved them.
  6. Observe or look out for positive signs of your intentions happening now.
  7. Repeat this process for other areas in your life that you would like to change.

Life on Earth I have learnt is intrinsically a positive place. But it is definitely clouded by negativities, misunderstandings, unhappiness and sadness. The moment you give in or surrender to the negativity or ‘darkness’ as I like to call it, it seems almost impossible to get out. However, maintaining a happy.positive.successful way of being is possible and fully within your control!

Learn how in The 50 Positive Life Skills- How to be happy.positive.successful in all areas of life on now!

Soochen is a teacher on OpenLearning who’s passion is in helping people achieve a Happy. Positive. Successful Way of Being through her 50 book series. She has recently started her first course on OpenLearning The 50 Positive Life Skills – How to be happy.positive.successul in all areas of life. The course draws on concepts from her book series and aims to enrich people’s lives through a vibrant and positive community!

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