OpenLearning & Muru-D Enter China with MOOC Plus!

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OpenLearning and Telstra backed incubator Muru-D recently teamed up to bring Australian and Chinese entrepreneurs together. As part of the initiative, OpenLearning and Muru-D ran a joint competition titled MOOC Plus.

Left to right: watching #class 2 teams pitch, winners + Cecilia travelling to Shanghai, Cedric, Weiling & Jiqin enjoying snacks with Cecilia

The competition, aimed at aspiring Chinese entrepreneurs, required students to participate in an online course of their choice, upload a creative video reflecting on what they’ve learned, and submit a short written brief about themselves and their aspirations. MOOC Plus received over a 100 entries, with videos exceeding our initial expectations! Students from all over China submitted creative clips ranging from animation, to stop motion, and diary entry style videos.

Four lucky students, Leo, Weiling (Aileen), Jiqin (Aimee), and Cedric were selected to accompany class #2 teams as qualified interpreters for 10 days during their trip around China. The trip ran from the 7th of March until the 16th March, where teams visited Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, spending 3 days in each city. Teams met with a range of Chinese entrepreneurs and investors as well as attended networking events. Our Chinese entrepreneurs blogged about their experiences during this time. Some of their highlights included: visiting Innovation Works- one of the most famous accelerators in Beijing, hearing teams pitch in the Node Inno Gala in 798 factory, and finishing their days with tasty snacks with Cecilia our Chinese Marketing Manager!

This China trip signified the first step in Muru-D and OpenLearning’s move towards helping Australian entrepreneurs develop stronger ties in China. The companies are already planning another competition that will give two Chinese teams the opportunity to be part of Muru-D’s class three intakes.

You can check out JiqinCedric, and Weiling’s personal travel blogs for more details on the trip!

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