The Ultimate Guide For Promoting Your (Awesome) Course

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So you finally have everything set up and you are ready to teach! But hey, wait a second, you need students for that…

Have no fear – chances are that between your network of people and our platform, you can reach enough people to create a live and rich community of online engaged learner.

Here are our 5 top tips for harnessing the power of your existing network of people to help you spread the word about your new and exciting Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

Tip #1 – Your Course Landing Page Matters!

Before you start showing off your course, take another look at your landing page as this is the one that visitors will see before they decide whether or not to join your course.

This time think of yourself as someone who searched on Google for this course and clicked on the result that landed you on this page. Would you join (as someone who is passionate about this topic)?

If the answer is YES than you are on the right track.

If you are not sure – Check out this post about creating the best Landing Page for your course

Tip#2 – Get Social

Now that you feel everything is polished and ready to go, it’s time to get your friends, family and social networks to do the work for you.

You probably know more people that you even think of, and they know other people who know other people…

Whether you live on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or even just in Gmail you probably already have an established group of friends or followers. Get them to help you!

Send them an email/message letting them know you created your first ever online course and invite them to have a look and join if they want to. Don’t forget to ask them to share it!

Post the announcement on your social channels (again, ask for help with getting shares and likes) and follow it up with some news about the course. Do you own a blog? Write about it!

Tip#3 – Encourage Word of Mouth

Who is better to convince people to join your course other than your own students? Why not asking them to help you get the word out about your (awesome) MOOC?

Not sure how?

  1. Send them an email using the email blast tool, asking them to use the share button in the bottom of the course page.
  2. Add a final page/congratulations module in which you can politely ask your students to share the link to the course on their social networks.
  3. You can even think about adding it somewhere along the course explaining to them how more people in this community will make the conversation and learning process better.

Tip#4 – Don’t Forget the Real World

That fact that we do almost everything online doesn’t mean we don’t live in the real world and meet real people!

Try and think where could you meet people that would be interested in your course and how could you let them know about it.

If you are already a teacher/specialist in your topic – you probably already do/go to lectures, talk or attend conferences. Try adding a slide about your course. How about adding it to your business card? You get the idea…

Tip#5 – Taking It to the Next Level

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If you really want to take the time and invest in other marketing channels than the next step would be to find relevant forums/communities/blogs/websites that people go to if they are interested in this specific topic.

Then all you have to do is to reach out to the website owner and ask for a reference or post your own comment/discussion thread telling the community about your course. Just be careful not to be too spammy!

Pssst… someone is already doing this job for you…

Just to jump start your course, Openlearning team is working very hard to promote your course on our own channels (if your course is public of course).

Your course would automatically get into the OpenLearning courses index (so people can search for it by keywords or browse our course pages) and we also make sure our 3rd party MOOC indexing websites will be showing your course as well.

If you’ve created a really good course, we would also help with promoting it on our newsletters and top courses lists. Time to start getting your course out to the online (and real) world – good luck!

P.s. Check our ultimate course landing page cheat sheet for some more tips!

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