Three New Features to Enhance Your Course Experience

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We are always working on new improvements and features to OpenLearning. By popular demand, we’re excited to share 3 new features for course creators and students:


We are beyond excited to share the release of our Assessment feature. Our goal is to provide affective learning experiences for students, and to evaluate their learning authentically. To that end, we have designed our assessment system around the learning outcomes of a course, rather than specific assignments, exams and other box checking activities.

With our new Assessment feature, you can now manage staff rolescreate an assessment report and assess students’ progress.

To set up assessment, go to Assessment Design page located under Assessment in the sidebar.

Before designing an assessment, make sure to set up the correct permissions inroles. You must also specify your learning outcomes, as each assessment criteria should map to the relevant outcome.

For students, the new assessment design offers transparency so students are aware of what they are being evaluated on, and how the criteria aligns to their learning outcomes.

Students can also monitor their progress through the Progress Panel located on the top right corner of their profile page.

Paid Certificates
Course creators can now issue a Paid Certificate to students upon completion of the course. To set up, simply go to Certification > Settings.

For students, a handful of courses now offer Formal Certifications. Keep a look out as we’re continuing to expand our list of accredited courses this year!

Equation Editor

The newest version of OpenLearning’s rich text editor now includes an Equation Editor, which provides toolbar with common mathematical operators and symbols to help write stunning equations using the LaTeX markup. It can be used for basic mathematical formatting or for more advanced mathematical text for higher-level technical courses. To start adding your equation, simply press “Insert Equation” or the square root icon located on top of the rich text editor. Both students and course creators have access to this feature.

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