Three New Features Designed to Improve Assessment in Your Courses

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We are constantly making fixes and improvements to OpenLearning. This month’s new releases are designed to improve efficiency and minimise time spent on assessment administration.

Teachers and course designers can now streamline more of their course set up and enjoy greater time on facilitating valuable learning experiences.

Here are the 3 new features designed to improve assessment on OpenLearning.

Auto Complete Learning Outcome Tags

In this release, we make it easier for you to link your course activities to your learning outcomes. To make use of this feature you must first set up learning outcomes for your course.

A drop down option will appear with the outcomes you have previously set up when adding a tag to a course page.

This will help show alignment in the course and is also a precursor for setting up assessment.

Releasing Assessment Results in Batches

With the introduction of our assessment feature last month, we have added another feature to make assessment more manageable in courses with a large number of students.

You can now release assessment results in batches. To release results in batches, go to Assess Students under Assessment in your course navigation bar.

Choose which assessment you wish to collect the results and click on Batch option at the end of the column. Choose to release or retract results and click Continue to finalise.

Automatic Grading Assessment

To reduce repetitive grading, all quiz related activities (such as Multiple Choice Questions, Crossword Puzzle, Category Matching, Fill in the Blanks, and Matching Answers) can now be auto-marked.

To set up Automatic Grading, go to Assessment -> Assessment Design and create a new Examination Report.

Once a new Examination Report has successfully been created, click Edit to link your quiz to the report.

Choose a page containing quiz widgets you wish to auto-mark and save this report.

To run the automatic grading, go to Assessment -> Assess Students. Find the report you have just set up and click the “Play” button located next to the title. Click “Run” to finalise.

Make sure to assign the correct staff roles to your course designers or assessors before evaluating students’ results.

You can read more on the basics of setting up assessment here.

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