Three New Updates To Simplify & Speed Up Your OpenLearning Experience

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At OpenLearning, we are always seeking ways to improve your learning and teaching experiences. Our recent platform improvements are focused on simplifying processes, enhancing page loading time and providing you with relevant notifications.

Simplified Processes

For students, you can now submit posts on behalf of a group. To do so, edit your post and click on share settings, select group work setting, then choose which group you are posting behalf of. Everyone in the group will receive progress and notifications for the post, once it has been shared on their behalf.

For teachers, you can now export auto-marked reports. Click here to learn more on auto-marking and reporting.

Speed Improvements

We have redesigned our ‘Assess Students’ page so that administering larger classes, viewing and filtering students is now easier for teachers.

Don’t forget to assign the correct staff roles to your course designers or assessors before evaluating students’ results.

To further improve platform speed, images now resize themselves in preview mode, resulting in faster page loading times and better overall speed when using any gallery and content posting page.


Students will now be alerted when assessment or report results are made available on the platform through email and platform notifications. In case you are not receiving email notifications, make sure to check your settings by clicking on your profile and selecting notification settings.

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