At OpenLearning, we are always working tirelessly to make the platform more efficient and easy-to-use for both educators and students. Our recent platform improvements are focused on advanced settings course designers can use for their courses or institutions.

1. Institution visibility settings

Good news for all institutions on OpenLearning! As an admin, you can now turn your institution ‘Private’ or ‘Public’ from your Institution Settings. To display your institution’s marketing or promotional pages to members (people you invited to the course), select the ‘Private’ setting. If you wish to display marketing promotion pages to anyone with the link to the page, select the ‘Public’  setting. To change the settings, go to “Institution Marketing” and then press “General” to access this setting.

2. Marking in reports

As an assessor, you can now add negative adjustments to student reports to denote things like late submissions.

3. Fixes to embedded media

We’ve made stability fixes to embedded media on the platform. If you haven’t yet embedded any media in your course, it’s a great time to do so! You can add news articles, opinion pieces, and engaging videos in your course to support your content and make it more interesting and relatable.

What’s next on OpenLearning

You can look forward to big changes around group allocation, data exports and overall site performance improvements in the near future!

Posted by Nupur Khurana

I'm a Learning Designer at OpenLearning Sydney HQ.

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