OpenLearning Release Logs (June)

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This post summarises our latest platform release logs. Alongside improving our platform regularly, this month’s release focuses on our group migrations. 


  • Student Enrolment numbers not updating correctly on course tiles within Portal (Institution) landing pages
  • Feed mechanics and aggregation with a UX focus on comments nesting within conversations
  • UserVoice integration on every course setup and administer student page to collect in-context feedback from our course creators
  • Feed & Comments Improvement to help promote the usability and hierarchy of comments whilst reducing “scroll of death” on popular threads
  • Groups – ability to bulk import and export groups by class/cohort
  • Groups – ability to create groups and to allocate users (existing and new) to this group
  • Certificates – customisation template updated to include course name, institution logo, issuance date and learner’s name (format change)
  • Course Setup – Student counts wrong
  • Video Widget – When editing timescale of video there is no real-time indication of time adjustment as you truncate the length in video file


  • Group Comments – Old and new Group comments logic misaligned and thus, new comments need to be restricted to current group in which comments threads exists
  • Group ID attribute required for Group Comments Permissions/restrictions to work on a group level rather than old model of page level
  • Error 500 Internal Server Error on all pages trying to retrieve Student Enrolment Prices
  • Payment Thank You Page – Page not loading due to Javascript dependencies
  • Certificate generation fails due to NULL value in the ClassPath function now fixed
  • Progress in emails – Incorrect progress happening for v1.0 courses only as progress calculations have been updated for v2.0 courses.
  • Login from external link – redirects caused by login issues due to how the system identifies a user.
  • The problems were happening when clicking on a notification link meant for one user when another user was logged in, either on the main domain (too many redirects) or both the main and the custom domain (error page)
  • Rich Text Widget – Cleared Tinymce change history so that the last version history is not ever blank and thus cmd+z will not remove everything
  • Progress bar – missing in courses not yet started, solution built to show it displaying 0% progress until course start date and progression actually made v1 Courses send completion certs via a nightly batch run – legacy code miscalculated the total tasks and thus the class to trigger off completion was never executed.


  • Group Migrations – Grant Superusers access to run group migration. Course admin has same access
  • Group Dashboards – Grant Course admins permission to see all group dashboards, similarly like a facilitator.

If you find new issues or would like to file a bug report found on the platform, please let us know by sending an email to Our Help page is also readily available to help point you to additional tools and resources.

Click here to check out OpenLearning’s past platform changes in our Release Logs series.

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