Two New Updates Towards Group Collaboration & Easier Course Support

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We have some exciting new features to share with you this month!

Our team has been working on ways to further encourage student collaboration and group work in courses. We have also added a useful new help and support feature for course creators to use while setting up courses!

1. New Group Management System

Our new system makes it easier for a course facilitator or admin to manage groups in a course. You can now manage and set permissions in a single ‘Group’ section located under your Course Setup tab. For more information, you can watch the tutorial on how to create and manage a group here.

Creating group types

You can now define the types of groups that can exist within your course. By default, every new course comes with a type of group called Study Group.

Managing groups

  • Under the Add or Manage Groups section you can manually create groups and bulk allocate students using the Import feature.
  • Students are also free to create, join, and manage study groups on their own based on the permissions you set up.
  • In addition, you can remove group members or promote members to group admins.

Course administrators can also quick-add students into their groups by uploading a .csv document. For more detailed step-by-step instructions, click here.

Creating pages within groups

Students can now create pages within their group. They can use group pages to collaborate and work together on group tasks.

2. Help Widget Integration

It is now easier for course facilitators to get in touch with us when working on a course. Just by clicking on the little question mark bubble on the left you can now:

  • Write to us with any technical support you might need.
  • Provide us some valuable feedback or if you have any ideas on how to make the platform better.
  • Search through our help document database using relevant keywords.

3. Bug fixes:

  • We have also made some tech fixes with text editor when using the Cmd/Ctrl + Z keys temporarily erasing content. This has now been fixed.
  • Completion up to a specific percentage can now be set on a video uploaded directly to the video widget.

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