OpenLearning Release Logs (July)

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This post summarises our latest release logs on the OpenLearning platform. Alongside improving our platform regularly, this month’s release focuses on group settings and integration. 


  • Groups Creation – text change for better clarity.
  • Group Space Share widget – Share setting default set to Group
  • Share Widget – Auto append a gallery widget whenever a Post File, Post Text, Post Image, Share Page within the Share Widget is used
  • UserVoice integration live on Help page
  • Group Lists are locked on the page with a rich text description section to allow for editable text
  • Design Polish items for Learnosity Integration.
  • Learnosity Exam config for display title, access time restriction, due date, time limits, attempts limitations and further instructions settings.
  • Learnosity assessor stories for accessing and releasing grades.
  • Learnosity student stories for doing a quiz
  • Third Party Integration and flow for creating a quiz within a course using Learnosity quiz widget
  • Check that students are removed from cohort(s) and group’s when enrolments for that student is deleted, or when a student leaves a course.
  • Dressing up Group Dashboard page with Share Anything widget and feed
  • Active Time column within Students Analytics are all showing “0 Minutes”, fixed via data metrics link.
  • Quiz Widget in old courses all showing 504 Gateway Time-Out fixed
  • Fixed up Group Allocation CSV upload as it was failing due to a byte order marker
  • Students are able to remove themselves from a course within the course listing page, this functionality should be able to a course admin too (as long as they are not the only admin in the course).
  • Fixed Deletions that were not deleting comments and likes for user’s due to data caching issues.
  • New friendly messaging to alert user of possible lost in progress data on course pages and activities when future-dating or back-dating an existing course Start Date before they commit to the date change.


  • Course Landing Page Team Section – ordering of teams not persisting
  • New user picture service bypassed to prevent page timeouts
  • Events logging failed between 16/5/17 to 12/7/17 affecting Analytics numbers under % of students viewed, % of students completed and Average Time Spent on Page and Student numbers under Progress and % Course Completed
  • Prevent access to page outside of allowed times
  • Community Portal Count to count students only


  • Lost interaction data within Segment as we ran out of data space – size increased and alerts enabled so we are alerted next time when reaching capacity

If you find new issues or would like to file a bug report found on the platform, please let us know by sending an email to Our Help page is also readily available to help point you to additional tools and resources.

Click here to check out OpenLearning’s past platform changes in our Release Logs series.

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