Three New Updates For Course Creators This Month

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We are constantly making fixes and improvements to OpenLearning. We’re excited to share our newly revamped Help page and new features to make course design easier.

1. New Help Page

You can check out our new help page here. We’ve also reorganised the Help sub-pages into popular Help topics and Course Creator guides.

The four Course Creator Help guides include:

  • OpenLearning Basics:
    A set of how-tos for admin course settings, such as roles and permissions, different types of classes, setting up certificates, and more.
  • Course Appearance:
    Provides practical tips for setting up course banner, thumbnails, and course navigation.
  • Content & Activities:
    Includes suggestion on adding meaningful activities, such as setting up learning outcomes, and structuring modules in a logical flow.
  • Running Your Course:
    Covers facilitation basics including seeding your course, promoting social learning, tracking student activity and progress and more.

You can also use the Quick Search Feature at the top of the Help page to search for a keyword or contact us directly. We are currently working on expanding the search articles database to provide you with more variety of Help documents.

2. Gallery Pairing

Driven by feedback from course creators, the Gallery Widget is now automatically added to your page along with every Post widget.

3. New Group System For All Courses

Last month, we’ve talked about our new group features that have been introduced to courses created after June 2017. Starting from the 15th of August, all courses that are hosted on OpenLearning will be migrating to a new group system where course creators will have more control over their groups. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how these changes might affect you, please contact us at and we will try our best to help you.

Bug Fixes 

This month, we focused on fixing student analytics issues that impacted some courses, such as:

  • We received reports that Page History for a few courses was showing only up to 2 hours. This issue has been resolved.
  • We’ve made fixes to Student Metrics that went missing from mid-May to mid-July. They have since been adjusted. Student analytics data under Course Setup > Analytics is now available.
  • We fixed the institution portal display to only include students and removed the number of course staff as requested by users.

Keep watching this space for more new and exciting features coming up on OpenLearning!

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