This post summarises our latest platform release logs. Alongside improving our platform regularly, this month’s release focuses on our group feature and third-party apps integration. 


  • New: Enable a list of external providers to appear and be selectable for 3rd party integration tools to be usable in course creation.
  • New look and interactions for groups as we migrate old groups to include new group’s features and functionality. Same, same but different!
  • New: Allow institution admins to add and self-manage their integration services at the institution level.
  • Create empty Text widget with customisable text for users to use as a space placeholder.
  • Creating capability for SSO for Moodle admins to launch an OL course via a launch link to help set up classes in their courses.
  • Creating SSO credentials for 3rd party integration on the institution level rather than within a cohort level for ease of use.
  • Allow users to customise columns by renaming column names, re-ordering columns and hiding columns for Export Page Data.
  • Images on the page are exportable as attachments.
  • Survey results can be exported Updated groups permissions for “Conditional display” rules for contents and completion rules.


  • Fixed Assessment student names listing pagination now works for pages two and upwards.
  • Fixed 3rd party integration widget so it only appears when enabled.
  • Fixed unnamed widgets from crashing the page (although you should name them, future-you will appreciate it!).
  • Fixed admin and write permissions for admins creating groups: now you can delegate, share and collaborate with the other teacher about the groups you created in the same course.
  • Default progress setting on post widgets updated from “progress on scroll to 100%” to “progress on view” in order to right the wrongs done to the masses of hard-working students with missing progress.
  • Fixed notifications model to pop up and display when comments and posts are made on user’s subscribed pages.
  • Fixed completion rate showing 98% instead of 100%, now everyone can properly celebrate having completed their course!
  • Assessment Progress Page: Investigate and fix the missing Assess Me Now button.
  • Downloadable links not working for some students.
  • Fixed Completion for Any Interaction for MCQ Submits.
  • Fixed UI for cohort scheduling when cohorts changed from scheduled to non-scheduled.
  • Usability and UI update to Page Edit by making the Page View/Edit Toolbar sticky.
  • Fixed % completion on Analytics page Table and content missing from Course Setup Wizard “Promote Your Page”


  • Tech task related to data linkage required for new course discovery page to work.
  • Improvement: Performance Upgrade with Elastic Search
  • Performance improvement by stopping loading of all enrolled users summaries unnecessarily on cohort/groups page.

If you find new issues or would like to file a bug report found on the platform, please let us know by sending an email to Our Help page is also readily available to help point you to additional tools and resources.

Click here to check out OpenLearning’s past platform changes in our Release Logs series.

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