OpenLearning’s biggest event of the year, Social Learning Conference is just around the corner!

The conference will bring together thought leaders from around the world to discuss the latest innovations in teaching, learning, and technology.

With a central focus on social learning, the conference will take a blended and interactive approach to traditional keynotes, workshops, and panel discussions.

The conference will explore social constructivism in computer supported collaborative learning.  The four main themes will be:

  • Community, Contribution & Connectedness
    Fostering communities of practice, designing for social presence, and informing effective online facilitation.
  • Beyond Content & Quizzes
    Moving beyond content transmission and testing towards creating online learning environments for active learning, co-construction of knowledge, and social constructivism.
  • Behavioural Learning Analytics
    Using analytics to analyse student interaction, and to inform design, effective online facilitation, and tools for self-regulation. It may also encompass designing analytics to effectively support academic research.
  • Rethinking Assessment
    Moving towards authentic assessment and documenting online learning experiences in e-portfolios.

Check out the speakers that will be delivering their keynote address at the event:


Prof. Richard Buckland is a Professor in Computer Security, Cybercrime, and Cyberterror at the University of New South Wales, Director of the Professional Education Governance Board of the Australian Computer Society and the UNSW Director of First Year Experience. He holds degrees in Science and in Economics, and has been awarded the University Medal in Computer Science and the Vice Chancellors Award for Teaching Excellence (twice), inaugural Microsoft Research Fellowships (1992), National ICT Educator of the Year iAward (2013). Richard will do the introduction at OpenLearning’s Social Learning Conference.

Dr. Prof. Mahnaz Moallem is a Professor of Instructional Technology, and Research and Grant Coordinator at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW), College of Education where she has been a faculty member since 1993. She received her Ph.D. and her Master of Science degree in instructional systems design / instructional technology and her certification in program evaluation. Mahnaz will talk about the theme “Rethinking Assessment” at OpenLearning’s Social Learning Conference.

Dr. Prof. Gráinne Conole is currently the Professor of Learning Innovation and Director of the Institute of Learning Innovation, University of Leicester. Her research interests include the use, integration and evaluation of technologies and e-learning, and the impact of technologies on organisational change. Gráinne has published and presented nearly 1,000 conference proceedings, workshops and articles. She passionately believes in applying research findings into practice and has been an innovator in the use of technologies to enhance the learner experience since the 90s. Grainne will talk about the theme “Community, Contribution & Connectedness” at OpenLearning’s Social Learning Conference.

Dr. Prof. Datuk Asma Ismail currently serves as the first woman Vice-Chancellor at University Sains Malaysia (USM). She was the country’s first woman Director-General of Higher Education and is currently the first woman President of Academy of Sciences Malaysia. Asma is passionate about the idea of developing indigenous health technologies and innovations that can generate wealth for the country and improve the quality of life of society at large. Asma will talk about the theme “Beyond Content & Quizzes” at OpenLearning’s Social Learning Conference.

Prof. Peter Reimann is a Professor of Education at the University of Sydney. He is also a senior researcher in the CoCo Research Centre and a Scientific Coordinator of Next-Tell, a large research project funded by the European Commission in the area of educational technology.  His primary research includes cognitive learning with a focus on educational computing, multimedia-based and knowledge-based learning environments, e-learning, and the development of evaluation and assessment methods for the effectiveness of computer-based technologies. Peter will talk about the theme “Behavioural Learning Analytics” at OpenLearning’s Social Learning Conference.

We hope to gather leaders in the field such as yourself, and academics, educators, researchers, instructional designers, ed-tech specialists, and policymakers – to participate in the lively discussions, keynotes, and interactive workshops during the conference.

General tickets are still available for a limited time, click here to register. 

We hope to see you in Sydney!

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