Four Exciting New Updates and Fixes This Month

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The OpenLearning team has been working hard behind the scenes to make both course setup and course learning a delightful process.

This month we’re bringing you some cool new features to the platform.

1. New and improved course feed

Introducing the new version of OpenLearning live course feed.

The new course feed has an easy-to-use interface and is designed for students to be able to see what and where the course buzz is happening!

The feed also encourages and allows for interaction across all the different activities occurring on different course pages.

Course creators have the option to set the course feed to display items from throughout the course or limit it to shared posts on the feed page.

Physics 101 Course Feed.png

2. Course landing page can now display a default class

For courses with multiple classes, you can now choose which class to appear as default on your course’s landing page. This is the class that your students see and join by default.

How to set it up:

a. For an independent course: Go to Course Setup > General. Under ‘Classes in your course’ use the dropdown to select the default class to appear on your landing page.

Default Class.png

b. For a course within an institution or portal: Go to Course Setup > Landing page. Under ‘Course Details’ use the dropdown to select the default class to appear on your landing page.

3. Export completion summary for modules, pages, and widgets

You can now export completion details for modules, pages, and widgets for all the participants in your course.

Export Screenshot.png

4. White space widget

Add vertical space between your text or media content with a 16x height that can be used as a white space padding. This can be useful for course pages that are information-heavy for better readability and structure.

White Space Widget.png

Bug Fixes:

The following minor bugs have been fixed this month.

  1. Fixed issues with exporting surveys.
  2. Fixed log in issues via Youtube and Guokr
  3. Fixed video widget uploads being stuck in the last uploading stage

For a full list of releases, click here.

Like our new features? Or having technical trouble with a feature? Email us at:

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