OpenLearning Release Logs (November)

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This post summarises our latest release logs on the OpenLearning platform.

#New Features

  • New server submission feedback for usuability input within the Multiple Choice widget
  • New style topbar for chat history
  • New style topbar notifications
  • New ability available for institutions to allow, “Automatically create an account and send them their password”
  • New way for old login pages to allow for external authentication
  • New text size default to display larger for all courses
  • New top bar enabled on platform

#Known Issues

  • Fixed ability to comment and like, and notification scrolling on mobile.
  • Fixed Join Now button to appear upon correct linkage to cohorts
  • Fixed group permissions so page creations work only within user’s groups.
  • Fixed the calculation of course popularity to sort by enrolment counts
  • New ability to allow Assessor roles to view unreleased content within their course

If you find new issues or would like to file a bug report found on the platform, please let us know by sending an email to Our Help page is also readily available to help point you to additional tools and resources.

Click here to check out OpenLearning’s past platform changes in our Release Logs series.

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