Introducing The New OpenLearning Top Bar

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We’re so excited to share this month’s updates with you! This month, we’ve fixed several minor bugs and introduced a new top bar.

1. OpenLearning New Top Bar

The bar at the top of the screen when you log in to OpenLearning has a whole new look!

OpenLearning New Top Bar Homepage

Use the Search box on the left to search for courses, users, and your course pages.

Towards the right, you’ll see the following newly updated features:

A new notifications drop down

All your notifications are collected in one drop down. Click on the notification bell to ‘See all notifications’ or ‘Mark all as read’.

New Notification Drop Down

A new courses drop down

Click on the little globe icon on the right hand side to access all your courses. Scroll down to the bottom of your courses list and find shortcuts to manage your enrolments, find new courses, or create your own course.

New Courses Drop Down

A new way to access chat history

Under your profile settings on the top bar, there is now a way to access previous chat history. This ensures you are never far away from your teachers and course-mates!

Chat History Drop Down Menu

2. Automatically create an account for users invited via your institution portal

It is now easy to invite brand new users to your course on OpenLearning. Click on the ‘Automatically create an account and email them their password’ box. Your new invitee/s receive an email with login details for seamless course access.

Automatically Create Account via Institution Portal

Bug Fixes:

  • Assessors can now view unreleased content or content scheduled for later dates in a course.
  • The ability to comment, like, and scroll through notifications on mobile browser has been improved for a smoother experience.

As always, we are continually working on the site performance and release bug fixes!

Some of you may have also encountered issues when accessing OpenLearning. We are currently experiencing higher than normal amount of load and may be causing pages to be slow or unresponsive.

To rectify the issue, we have:

  • Temporarily turned off notifications for new posts and commenting or liking posts order to reduce the load
  • Optimising our database queries
  • Upgrading notifications to help with performance

We expect that this will take a few days to work on and the site may still experience some slowness while we continually monitor, complete, and release these upgrades.

We’d like to apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

For a full list of releases, click here.

Like our new features? Or having technical trouble with a feature? Email us at:

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