OpenLearning Platform Updates: 2017 Highlights

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2017 has been a successful year at OpenLearning.

We’ve achieved major milestones, released our largest suite of widgets yet, and introduced several initiatives to enhance our users’ learning and teaching experiences. Our Agile Delivery Manager Lisa and our User Experience Designer Melody will do a quick recap of this year’s highlights.

Paid Certification

Course creators can now issue a Paid Certificate to students upon completion of the course. For students, a handful of courses now offer Formal Certifications. Keep a look out as we’re continuing to expand our list of accredited courses next year!

Video Conference Widget

Earlier this year, we integrated the Big Blue Button on our platform so users can now set up live presentations, webinars, and conferences within their courses!

Outcomes-based Assessment

Our goal is to provide effective learning experiences for students and to evaluate their learning authentically. To that end, we designed and launched our new assessment system around the learning outcomes of a course rather than specific assignments, exams, and other box checking activities.

With our new Assessment feature, you can now manage staff roles, create an assessment report and assess students’ progress. You must also specify your learning outcomes, as each assessment criteria should map to the relevant outcome.

New Help Page

Our newly redesigned Help page now includes step-by-step guides to make course design easier. The four Course Creator Help guides include: OpenLearning Basics, Course Appearance, Content & Activities, and Running Your Course.

You can also use the Quick Search Feature at the top of the Help page to search for a keyword or contact us directly. We are currently working on expanding the search articles database to provide you with more variety of Help documents for next year.

Group System

From August onwards, all courses hosted on OpenLearning were migrated to a new group system which provided course creators more control over their groups. The system allows users to define the types of groups that can exist within their course, manage the roles and permissions, and create pages to collaborate and work together.

Course Discovery

It is now easier to search for courses on OpenLearning. Using the new Course Discovery feature, you can filter courses by its categories, institutions, fees, popularity and start date.


With our new export feature, you can export data from courses into a .csv file. Course administrators can now export students posts from specific pages, as well as survey data for analysis. You can also export completion details for modules, pages, and widgets for all the participants in your course.

The Learning Hub

We’re absolutely thrilled to officially announce the launch of The Learning Hub! OpenLearning’s blog, The Learning Hub, now has a brand new design and layout. Curated by our team, the blog shares learning design tips and insights, news on what’s been happening at OpenLearning and education trends within the online learning space.

New Course Feed

The new course feed has an easy-to-use interface and is designed for students to be able to see what and where the course buzz is happening! Course creators have the option to set the course feed to display items from throughout the course or limit it to shared posts on the feed page.

OpenLearning Top Bar

We’ve revamped the look of our top bar for better usability. You can now use the Search Box on the left to search for courses, users, and your course pages. On the right hand side of the top bar, you can now access new notifications and courses drop down menu.

That’s a wrap for 2017! Thank you for your ongoing feedback, we hope you have enjoyed your experiences on OpenLearning with plenty more to come in 2018.

Stay tuned for next week’s 2017 Year in Review.

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