OpenLearning Release Logs (January)

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This post summarises our latest release logs on the OpenLearning platform.

#New Features

  • New featured courses displayed on our homepage
  • New default to turn off all email notifications for likes on posts that others then also like too
  • New marketing page showcasing our Learning Services offering
  • New look and feel for our Support Contact Us page
  • New CAPTCHA to deter rubbish data from potential spam bots on our Contact Us page
  • New Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Sharing Widget that allows for questions to be peer rated by others within the course
  • New Leaderboard Widget that collects counts of correct answers from the MCQ Widget
  • New Python Execution Engine IDE can be spun up and ulitised for in course coding

#Known Issues

  • Fixed some missing images and word changes on our pricing/learning services pages
  • Fixed elastic search course importer from saving and showing the incorrect course summary
  • Fixed elastic search course index to count the correct number of students in a class
  • Fixed permissions roles so facilitators and course admins can see posts in gallery view, yay!
  • Fixed the export survey button to serve us survey data once again
  • Fixed so unexpected text no longer appears on the page title of the qualifications page
  • Fixed student’s progress calculation to be corrected in the Video, Audio & File Widget
  • Fixed search analyser so that course titles with single character words is not included as an exact match
  • Fixed the table cell resizing within the RichTextEditor by providing better visual tactile feedback
  • Fixed sharing data from appearing incorrectly by running migration for all content blocks respective data items
  • Fixed RichTextEditor to use TinyMCE library to help support iframes
  • Fixed a race condition in the image uploader that was causing conflict and mayhem
  • Fixed broken links on our homepage footer due to being case sensitive
  • Fixed the drag and drop of widgets as it was not dropping the chosen widget to the page
  • Fixed pages by running a migration that updated an invalid attribute created by our Group-Spaces Widget
  • Fixed the logic of the red flag to display intuitively with student completion and mandatory due date

If you find new issues or would like to file a bug report found on the platform, please let us know by sending an email to

Our Help page is also readily available to help point you to additional tools and resources.

Click here to check out OpenLearning’s past platform changes in our Release Logs series.

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