Introducing Two Newly Revamped Sections on OpenLearning

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This month we are very excited to bring you two newly revamped sections of the OpenLearning website!

We have also been working hard at resolving some bugs on the platform.

What’s New?

i. New Learning Services Page

Our Learning Services page lists the various services we offer for prospective clients.

Learning Services Pricing Page

This section also provides detailed case studies of the work we have done across various subject matters and industries.

Case Studies Showcase

You can access our new Learning Services page directly here or via our pricing page.

ii. A New Way to Get in Touch

Our Contact Us page is now better equipped to allow us to be of better help to you.

Contact Us Page

Once you select what your query is about, a more detailed contact form will be seen. This helps our team to collect important details about the issue so that we may resolve them right away!

What’s Fixed?

Here is a list of things that our developers have been working on:

  1. UI upgrades have been made to the text widget.
  2. Users can now search for course titles with single characters in them.
  3. Survey export functionality has been fixed and improved.
  4. The Random Spinner widget along with its completion settings are now running smoothly.
  5. Broken images in emails sent from our server have been fixed.

As always, we are continually working on the site performance and releasing bug fixes!

Like our new features? Or are you facing some technical troubles? Email us at:

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