Nurture Students to Course Completion Using Automated Emails on OpenLearning

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Emails are a great way to reach out to your students, whether it’s to inform them about their enrolments, to remind them of their progress or encourage them to jump back into the course.

Instead of hitting “Send” on hundreds of emails, our automated email options are here to save you time and nurture your students to course completion.

If you are a course admin or facilitator on OpenLearning, you can send customised or pre-defined, automated emails to your students and team members.

Here are the 3 types of automated emails you can send that will help you connect with your students and team members:

1. Course and Institution Welcome Emails

Course welcome emails are automatically delivered to users who have been invited or who have enrolled into your course. This is especially handy to inform users about their course enrolments.

The template is predefined and non-customisable, and contains a link to your course and the login page on OpenLearning.

1 - course welcomeTo invite students into your course and send them a welcome email, go to Administer Students -> Students -> Invite Students. The email will look like this:

If your course is a part of an institution portal, then you’ll also have the option to deliver institution welcome emails through the portal.

The institution welcome email template can be customised.

To customise your institution welcome email, simply go to Institution Settings -> Settings -> Appearance. That email will look like this:

2 - institution welcome

An institution welcome email is a great way to inform what courses are available and what the recommended learning pathway is.

2. New Account Invitation Emails

When OpenLearning creates an account for a new user, the user will receive an email with their password and login information. (This feature is available only to Institution Admins.)

The template for this email is pre-defined and non-customisable:

3 - new user

3. Reminder Message

Course admins and facilitators can also send a pre-defined reminder message to selected students.

To send a reminder, go to Administer Students -> Students and tick the box next to the selected student name(s). Then, click Send Reminder Message.

4 - send reminder

If a student has started the course, they can receive the following reminder to jump back in:

5 - reminder 1

If a student has almost completed the course, they can receive the following reminder that the finish line is almost there:

6 - reminder 2

The reminder message that students receive will depend on their course progress.

Take advantage of our email automation features and communicate with your users easily!

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