Introducing our New-Look Page Editor

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From today, editing your course pages will look and feel a little different thanks to a complete rewrite of our content pages.

This has included a lot of bug fixes and some UX updates, making for faster loading times so you can concentrate on designing your courses.

We have also simplified page editing to make it easier for you to control the settings of your pages by removing the layouts tab and making widget setup more accessible. 


What’s changed?

1. You will no longer see the Layout mode at the top of each page

Instead, the functions previously available in the Layout mode have been incorporated inside the Edit mode.

OLD:layout gone simple

NEW: edit mode

  • To move a widget, go to Edit. Hover on the area of the widget that says drag widget and simply drag and drop the widget where you want to place it on a page.
  • To change the width of widgets, go to Edit. Click on the Shrink shrink iconor Expand expand icon icons at the top-right hand corner of the widget.


2. Completion Settings for widgets have moved

Instead of finding them at the bottom of each widget, you will find them in a separate tab at the top of each widget.

OLD: old completion settings


completion settings

Click on the Completion Settings tab at any time to access and change the settings.

Click Done to save any changes.


3. Share settings for Post-(File/Text/Image) widgets have also moved

You will find them next to the Completion Settings tab at the top of each widget.

OLD:old share settings

NEW: new share settings

Here, you can decide:

  • Who can see posts made from this widget
  • When students can see posts made by other students
  • Additional share settings that:
    • Allows Students to further restrict visibility on their posts
    • Restrict visibility based on date/time
  • Whether students submit as a group, and
  • Which tags posts made from this widget will be tagged with

Like our new features? Or are you facing some technical troubles? Email us at:


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