Introducing the new OpenLearning Help Community

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We are constantly making fixes and improvements to OpenLearning. This month, we’re excited to share our newly revamped Help Community page for OpenLearning course creators and students. In addition to the updated look of the page, we’ve also changed the structure of the topics, articles, and also created more focused guides to help you. Here’s what you can expect:


New Look and Content

OpenLearning Help Community Screen 1

Our help page now has a new refreshed look! The page now has a completely new user interface and easier navigation. On top of revamping the design of the page, we have also structured content based on your needs. We’ve divided content into three different sections: General Help, Course Creators Help and Community Space.

Articles are now written around what users are trying to achieve, making it easier for both course creators and students to find what they are looking for and explore ways on how to do it.

OpenLearning Help Community Screen 2

Clicking “Follow” at the top right hand corner of a page allows users to receive notification when new posts are added to the category.

Course Creators also have their own Course Creators Guides to create amazing and engaging courses on OpenLearning.

We will continue working on expanding our database of help pages to support every step of your OpenLearning experience.


Community Space

OpenLearning Help Community Screen 3

With the new OpenLearning Help Page, course creators and students can be a part of our community space to:

  1. Get Announcements

Receive the latest news and updates from OpenLearning, including platforms updates and feature releases.

  1. Ask the Community

Ask or answer a question in the community space.

  1. Suggest a Feature

Have a new feature idea? Share and vote for features here.

  1. Report an Issue

Help us improve the OpenLearning experience by reporting bugs and issues.

Inside the community space, users can ask questions, interact with our Customer Success Team and collaborate with community members to create great learning experiences together.


Improved Search

OpenLearning Help Community Screen 4

You can also use the Quick Search Feature at the top of the Help page to search for an article. The feature will give users real-time suggestions for posts that matches their search terms. Users can also browse help articles by tags.

We are hoping that our new Help Page can become a place where users can learn from the OpenLearning community and also our team members!

Like our new features? Or are you facing some technical troubles? Share your thoughts in the OpenLearning Help Community!

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