Every time you create a page on OpenLearning you will see an empty container where you can add and format text and images. This is our text widget.

We also have other widgets that allow you to add videos, encourage student interactions and display student works.

Widgets are the basic building blocks of a page on OpenLearning.

You can add and combine different widgets to build your content or create social learning activities that will place students right at the centre of their learning.


How to use OpenLearning Widgets:

  1. Go to a content page and click Edit to start edit mode.
  2. Click or drag widgets from the left sidebar onto the page.

There are many widgets to choose from and we have categorised it into 4 different groups.


Content Widgets

There are three widgets that you can use inside the Content Widgets category:

  1. Text: Add and format text, images and tables.
  2. Video: Stream videos from external sites. Or capture/upload your own videos directly.
  3. File: Add image, PPT or PDF files directly on the page to be viewed and downloaded.

Content Widgets captures most of our staple tools in the platform.

These array of widgets can be utilised to help deliver content to your students.


Share Widgets

These are the tools that can encourage students to be a part of a socially engaged learning community:

  1. Post Text: Share text with peers.
  2. Post Image: Share images with peers.
  3. Post File: Upload a file and share with peers.
  4. Post Text: Create OpenLearning pages to share with peers.
  5. Gallery: Displays student posts (anything shared using the Post widgets).


Quiz Widgets

We have two widgets that explores immediate feedback and can be used to create corrective experiences in your course:

  1. Multiple Choice: Add single-selection radio-button and multiple-selection check-box answer quizzes.
  2. Crossword: Allows learners to fill in a crossword puzzle based on clues.


Other Widgets

Last but not least, we have a few other tools that you can use to further enhance your online course as a collaborative space for students:

  1. Random Selector: Randomly selects an item from a specific list of options
  2. Video Conference: Organise class-wide events to meet, discuss and collaborate.


That’s a lot of information to digest! To summarise everything, we have prepared a simple poster that Course Creators can refer to when building the best online learning experiences possible for students.

OpenLearning Widget Guide

Have any questions about OpenLearning widgets? You can check out a more detailed explanation of each of the tools in our Community page or sign up for our on-demand Webinar on how to choose the most effective widgets on the platform!

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