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Whether you’re a course creator or a student, having a strong online presence on OpenLearning can improve the online learning experience for you and others.

Online presence refers to the quality and quantity of your online identity and interactions. This includes your profile page, posts, comments, likes and replies.

For course creators, your online presence will show that you care about your course and your course community and this will encourage them to join and keep participating. Students will also want to be able to relate to your skills, personality and experience.

For students, your online presence can also encourage others to become active in the community and provide opportunities to make new connections and boost your future career.

On OpenLearning, there are many opportunities for you to start building your online presence. Here are five of them:

1. Have a profile image and your real name

Your name and profile image are what represents you in all your interactions on OpenLearning.

It’s also the first thing that others are able to learn about you if you make a comment or post.

This is also what they can click on to visit your profile page.


2. Personalise your profile page

Your profile page is a place for others to learn more about you. The ‘About me’ section allows you to add a personal bio, links to personal websites and a video about yourself.  

A good profile page will include information about where you are from (as we’re a global platform), what you do, and what you are interested in so that others will be able to relate to you.


3. Become an active member of your learning community

This means logging in regularly, participating in activities and commenting and liking other users’ posts. The more active you are, the more lively your course community will be and the more value your online presence provides.

4. Share your experience

There are many opportunities for you to express yourself on OpenLearning.

You could write a blog, which others can read via your profile page, write a comment in your course or write a reply to someone in your course community.

You can use these opportunities to share your experience as it relates to your topic or learning community. The more you share about yourself, the more that other users will be able to relate and engage with you if they have similar interests or experiences. This is one way to broaden your network on OpenLearning.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 7.09.44 am

5. Showcase your credentials

The certificates and badges you receive on OpenLearning are another element of your online presence.

This is a way for other students and prospective employers to know which courses you’ve completed and the skills or knowledge you have gained during your OpenLearning experience.

OpenLearning badges can also be integrated with your own Mozilla Backpack and shared to LinkedIn to create a virtual portfolio that highlights learner’s unique pathways, passions and skills.


6. Showcase your work

Last but not least, use our brand new feature – Portfolio – to showcase meaningful projects and achievements that truly reflects your skills and capabilities!  

In courses with Portfolios enabled, your Portfolio on OpenLearning will be auto-generated. This means that after you complete a share activity in your course (e.g. activities where you have shared an image, text, video or file into a Gallery), your shared artefact will be automatically added to your Portfolio.

After you have shared a post within a Gallery, you will also have the option to hide or show it on your Portfolio.

Updating your portfolio regularly will not only strengthen your online presence, but also allows employers to have a complete overview of what you can bring to the table.

Portfolios are currently a beta feature and are only available in certain courses, such as in our Rethink, Learning & Teaching Series.

Having an online presence is essential to everyone who wants to thrive in this digital age.

A strong online presence can raise your personal profile, broaden your network and connections and open up the door to new opportunities.

Don’t forget that your profile page is a living document!

Whenever inspiration strikes, feel free to come back and update the page to further strengthen your online presence.

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