With everything that’s happening in a teacher’s life, it can be difficult to fit in professional development.

It’s something every teacher has to do, but never the first thing that comes to mind when a teacher finally has some spare time.

This is why we spent the last couple of months building Teach.com.au, a growing library of online professional development courses that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re a busy teacher who wants to spend more time at home, or even a recent graduate who’s worried about managing classroom behaviour – we have something for everyone.

You can do your PD anytime, anywhere

Picture this: You’re at home in your pajamas, ready to finish your PD.

Sounds like something you’d want to do?

Woman using a digital tablet on the bed

Yes please!

Teach.com.au makes earning PD from the comfort of your own home easy by condensing all the quality content of PD workshops into our online library of courses.

You can do your PD anytime – during a break, on a long commute, while you’re waiting for your late friend to show up to your catch up – the possibilities are as endless as the line for the canteen during rush hour.

Connect and contribute to a community of fellow teachers

You’ll never go through a Teach.com.au course alone, as each course incorporates parts where you are able to share your own experiences in the classroom and the strategies that have worked for you.

You get to contribute to the knowledge of other teachers, and learn from really experienced teachers in return!

Group of multi ethnic executives discussing during a meeting

Meet and connect with other teachers, and learn the social way!

Take as many accredited courses as you’d like, created by educators

All our courses are NESA accredited and created by experienced educators.

This means that you can rest assured that any course you choose will be high-quality and will benefit your teaching.

You can pick and choose from any of our courses – or even take all of them if you want!

Whether it be growing a students’ growth mindset, or how to encourage more classroom participation – you can finally choose PD you’re interested in taking.

course list - laptop

Enjoy unlimited access to our library of courses.

Want to spend the upcoming term break learning something new? Sign up to Teach.com.au now!

We also have some exciting updates planned for the near future, so keep an eye on this space: https://teach.com.au

Posted by Lisa Gong

Marketing assistant for Teach.com.au. Enjoys long walks to the fridge.

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