Customise your left-hand navigation menu on OpenLearning

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Did you know that the left-hand navigation menu on OpenLearning is fully customisable?

While your course comes equipped with a default left-hand navigation menu, they are optional and can be modified!

Here is an example of a customised and re-arranged left-hand menu:

How to update my navigation menu

Step 1

Go to Course Setup > Appearance > Course Navigation.

Step 2
  • You can edit, delete, add and re-order the pages in your navigation menu.
  • Just drag on each page name to move it if you want to re-order the sequence of pages.
  • Use the ‘x’ or pen icons to delete or re-name the pages respectively.
  • You can add new pages, either by creating a new title, or by adding the URL of a page you might have created before. You can then go to the page by accessing the Course Navigation bar on the left to add content to your new page.
  • Drag a page from the “Additional Pages” column and place it into “Links in your course navigation” in order for it to appear on the left sidebar of your course.


  1. You can give a different name to a default tab. Don’t want to call it the Gallery? Call it the Final Activity Showdown, or anything else you like! Videos & Activities not exactly what you want? Call it Course Content, or Stuff That Matters Most – the choice is yours!
  2. You can also add more menu options for other purposes too. Create an easily accessible page with information about other courses that you or your institution have created. Or, create a Q&A Forum where students can discuss any issues they have while doing the course. You can get creative and come up with menu that may encourage positive or creative thinking. Or, possibly create tabs as a type of depository bank for students to share interesting things from their daily encounters.

The navigation menu on the left hand is pretty flexible, so don’t be scared to get inspired!

Use them to create multiple spaces to spice things up and break the uniformity in your course.

Diversity is good — it will help promote different threads of discussions, more opportunity for interaction, and lead to better bonds in your course community.

Already customised the navigation menu in your course? Share with others about how it has improved your course’s accessibility in the comments section below!

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