OpenLearning Platform Updates: 2018 Highlights

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2018 has been a successful year full with new features introduced on OpenLearning.

We’ve achieved major milestones and developed several initiatives to enhance our users’ learning and teaching experiences.

Check out our features highlights from 2018!

Revamped Page Editor

This year, we have revamped and given a new look to our page editor. 

We have simplified the editor to make it easier to control the settings of pages by removing the layouts tab and making widget setup more accessible.

Inside the page editor, we have removed the “Layout” button on the top of each page and included a range of other buttons such as “Drag Widget”, “Expand” or “Shrink” to give course creators more flexibility when building modules or pages.

The bug fixes and UX updates have led to faster loading times, so course creators can concentrate on designing their courses.

completion settings

New OpenLearning Help Community

This year, we have introduced a new Help Community page for both course creators and students on OpenLearning.

The page now has a completely new user interface and easier navigation. On top of revamping the design of the page, we have also structured content based on users’ needs.

Articles are now written around what users are trying to achieve, making it easier for both course creators and students to find what they are looking for and explore different ways of using the platform.

We have also introduced a new “Community Space”, where users can ask questions, interact with our Customer Success Team and collaborate with community members to create great learning experiences together.

Users can also use the Quick Search Feature at the top of the Help page to search for existing help articles. The feature will give users real-time suggestions for posts that match their search terms.

OpenLearning Help Community Screen 1

New Profile Page

Our new profile page has been designed to easily access all the important pages within OpenLearning, alongside enabling you to further personalise your profile in a way that is meaningful for you!

The new layout of the profile page has been designed to feature your OpenLearning details along with all your essential information in an organised and refined format.

Underneath your profile image you will see your name and location, which you now have the option to edit. There is also a button which copies your profile page link to share with others users.

Moreover, students can now showcase information related to their education and work experiences!

This feature will allow students to give prospective employers a holistic view of what they have achieved.

Employers will get a true picture of candidates by browsing through evidences of their capabilities, interests and both technical and soft skills.

OpenLearning Portfolio

Besides CVs and resumes, we have introduced a new way of demonstrating students’ skills and experiences to others.

The OpenLearning Portfolio instantly collects your coursework and achievements — from completed activities to micro-credentials and badges.

After completing a ‘shared activity’ within a course (e.g. an activity where you have shared an image, text, video or document), it will automatically be added as a post in your Portfolio.

For students, the Portfolio helps keep track of  progress and is always there when you need it.

Simply curate your Portfolio and share it with friends, lecturers or employers with just a click.

Portfolio is more than just a job search tool, the Portfolio is ultimately a lifelong learning resource. Portfolios link learning outcomes to skills and employment pathways, making them a valuable feature for course creators and students.

Hide with Scroll

Right-to-Left feature on OpenLearning

To achieve our aim of enhancing content delivery globally, OpenLearning now supports courses that are written in Right-to-Left (RTL) format.

Right-to-Left (RTL) script is writing that begins in the top right of a page and continues to the left. Arabic, Urdu and Hebrew are some common RTL writing systems.

Course creators can now input RTL text throughout the platform; such as in our platform Widgets, Comments and even Navigation Menus.

Students wishing to take courses in RTL languages will now experience more learning in their desired language and course navigation that is consistent with RTL languages.


Skip Links

We have also introduced skip links this year.

Skip links are internal page links that allow users to access important links and quickly navigate their way to the main content section of the page.

It improves the overall navigation of the website and also helps those who rely on just their keyboard for navigation.

This improvement in navigation will help users, and especially students, efficiently access the information they need to get to the most important work in their online course.

What’s New Center

We have introduced a new section to keep you up-to-date about significant platform changes happening on the platform!

When information about an update becomes available, you will see the “What’s New” icon (a gift box icon) on the top bar.

If there are no new updates, the icon will be hidden from the top bar but you can still access the “What’s New” section from your profile menu.

OpenLearning What's New.jpeg

OpenLearning App

Last but not least, we have refreshed the look of our mobile app.

Available on both iOS App Store and Google Play, our mobile app currently serves as an on-the-go companion app for both students and course creators on OpenLearning.

Users can use the app to keep up to date with what’s happening in a class and interact with the community.

Students can also see what courses they are enrolled in, check their progress, continue with the course, and join new courses.

We are continuously releasing new features to improve our app to further enhance your learning and teaching experience.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 2.42.31 pm.png

That’s a wrap for 2018! Thank you for your ongoing feedback and we hope you have enjoyed your experiences on OpenLearning with plenty more to come in 2019.

For more updates, check out the OpenLearning 2018 Year in Review!

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