3 tips on how to effectively promote your online course

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Promoting an online course can be a major obstacle or your golden ticket.

With the amount of work that has gone into your first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), you definitely can’t wait for students to start joining.

To increase traffic to your course and build your community of learners faster, don’t wait for students to come to you — reach out to them.

In this blog post, we will outline three different methods that you can implement to promote your course, applicable to both existing or future course creators!

Create a variety of ‘promo’ collaterals 

Before you start promoting your course on various channels, it’s recommended to pay attention to what exactly are the collaterals you are planning to use.

Publishing a course promotion video and including it in your course landing page can be a good first step in sharing information related to your course.

While you can create beautiful, perfectly edited videos using the most amazing locations, it is more important to get the right message across to your viewers.

The key to this is to prepare a good script to accompany your video.

When writing your script, a simple way to structure it is by following a who, what, where, when, why, and how layout.

  • Who are you? Always start by introducing yourself, what you do and maybe even a personal fact.
  • What is your course about?
  • Why is the course relevant to your students?
  • How will your course benefit students?
  • When will the course begin?
  • Where is the course taking place?

Tips from us: We suggest keeping the tone conversational! Speak to prospective students as if they were standing in front of you and not watching you through a computer screen.

Besides placing it on the landing page, you can publish the video on YouTube. With 30 million people visiting it every day, some of the users there might just be potential students for your course.

Another excellent way to reach more people is to start a podcast.

Podcasts are a great way to target interested learners who’d like to listen to information in their car or during their commute.

You can upload your podcast to third party applications such as iTunes or Soundcloud, where users can listen to it on the go before deciding whether to join your course or not.

Last but not least, you can also create a short introductory webinar to share the highlights of your course.

Webinars give prospective students the chance to explore your course’s content, to get a feel for the online class environment and even to have a live Q&A session with you!

Utilise social media

While there are plentiful platforms you can tap into to promote your online course, there is one that works a little better than others: social media.

Digital channels have become a popular household name amongst different generations. On average, daily social media usage amounts to 118 minutes per day!

With its massive amount of users, social media can be used to take your course promotion to the next level.

Besides creating a Facebook page for your course, what you can do is to join various community and reach an even larger number of users.

Being part of niche-related Facebook or LinkedIn groups is great as it allows you to connect and communicate with potential students.

However, it is good to keep in mind to always make it into a conversation and provide information that is valuable and insightful. Don’t start spamming groups with your sales pitch!

Moreover, there are also regular Q&A sessions or chats being held on Twitter, hosted by organisations or companies from a variety of industries.

You can join the conversation and get your name and course out there for others to see.

Social media is without a doubt, the ultimate online “word of mouth” tool to effectively promote your course.

The sheer reach these platform have can really help to expose your course to a massive, global audience.

Get started soon and we’re sure your course will be flocked with newcomers!

Want to experiment with more promotional activities using your social media accounts? Check out our complete guide here!

Make a high-converting course promo landing page

Your course promo landing page plays a big part in setting the tone for your course.

How your course looks and feels for students goes a long way in creating a lively (or empty) community.

Students typically feel more comfortable, valued and encouraged to contribute within courses that feel warm and inviting.

To start creating a high-converting course promo landing page, you can look at OpenLearning’s Course Quality Criteria.

A high quality course promo page:

  1. Has a relevant and enticing course title
  2. Has a relevant and enticing course thumbnail image
  3. Has a relevant and engaging course promo video/image
  4. Has an inviting and relevant course banner image that includes the course title
  5. Contains key information that students need to know to enrol
  6. Is well-written in an engaging manner

As three of the points above have a focus on the visual aspects of your landing page, we’d recommend you to have a look at our guide on how to create effective ‘promo’ images to support your landing page.

Those are some of the best ways to promote your online course. We’ve done our part – and now it’s your turn.

Do your research, create your online course, and choose the best strategy to get it out there.

Would you like to share your experiences? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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