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Hello! About me... I like doing 1000 piece puzzles, creating Spotify playlists and I spend too much time browsing Pinterest for home inspo.

6 reasons why OpenLearning is all about social learning

If you’ve ever explored the OpenLearning site, you will have seen the phrase ‘social learning’ being used a lot – that’s because social learning experiences are what the platform was built and designed for. OpenLearning provides […]

Why Digital Badges Are The Future of Learning

Forget flying cars and hover boards – imagine a new ecosystem of learning where your own informal learning experiences receive the same recognition as formal degrees and qualifications. Digital badges are taking us one step closer to this reality.

Introducing our New-Look Page Editor

Editing your course pages will look and feel a little different thanks to a complete rewrite of our content pages!

Nurture Students to Course Completion Using Automated Emails on OpenLearning

Emails are a great way to reach out to your students. Explore the 3 types of automated emails you can send that will help you connect with your students and team members on OpenLearning.

What Course Creators Need to Know About Copyright

There is no doubt about it – the Internet is a goldmine for engaging course material. But, have you ever asked yourself – “Am I allowed to use this resource?”.

How to Facilitate an Online Course and Community on OpenLearning

In an online course, facilitation doesn’t just begin when the course opens.

It starts before your students enter the course and works best with a proactive and nurturing approach.

Five Practical Ways to Enhance the Online Learning Experience with Facilitation

The online learning experience doesn’t have to be an isolating endeavour. Here are five practical ways a facilitator can enhance the learning experience in an online course.

The Benefits of Facilitation for an Active Learning Community

With less time spent on delivering content, teachers and facilitators can spend more time on building a learning community and setting up the right environment for students to exchange ideas and experiences.