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My career goal is to influence change at a global scale with technology being at the forefront of this. I currently focus on scaling teams and fostering high performance cultures across OpenLearning’s Australia, Malaysia, and future Southeast Asian Offices. My background in marketing means I have an obsessive love for brands, creative growth hacks, and storytelling. When not working on ways to help sustain and drive OpenLearning’s vision, people, and brand, I’m working on my personal bucket list (see: travel, surfing, and yoga inversions), hunting down a city’s best soy piccolo latte, or trying to up my amateur twitter game (you can see my attempts to stay active here @sarahsahyoun). At my very core, what continues to drive me is a want to improve the quality of education, standard of living, empower the marginalised within society and contribute to a greater interconnected world.

5 future-proof traits and values desired by tech companies

What skills do tech companies look for when hiring? Here’s why we want candidates with certain future-proof traits and values.