Category: Platform Updates

Two New Updates Towards Group Collaboration & Easier Course Support

Our team has been working on ways to further encourage student collaboration and group work in courses. We have also added a useful new help and support feature for course creators to use while setting up courses!

Three New Updates to Enhance Your Course Design Experience

Our recent platform improvements are focused on advanced settings course designers can use for their courses or institutions.

Three New Updates To Simplify & Speed Up Your OpenLearning Experience

Our recent platform improvements are focused on simplifying processes, enhancing page loading time and providing you with relevant notifications.

Three New Features Designed to Improve Assessment in Your Courses

This month’s new releases are designed to improve efficiency and minimise time spent on assessment administration.

Three New Features to Enhance Your Course Experience

We are always working on new improvements and features to OpenLearning. By popular demand, we’re excited to share 3 new features for course creators and students.