Category: Teaching Strategies

How to Use Real-World Scenarios in Activity Design

Admit it; we all spend too much time thinking about the perfect activity for our learners. Why not include real-world scenarios in the activities that we design?

How to Facilitate and Nurture Diversity in Your Learning Community

To help you begin nurturing more diverse learning communities, we’ve prepared 5 winning strategies and techniques you can apply to face-to-face, blended and/or purely online learning facilitation.

Why ‘Voice and Choice’ Matter To Your Learning Design & Teaching Practice

There are multiple ways of implementing the voice and choice concept into online learning design and facilitation. Here are our picks of 5 particular areas and example activities to inspire you!

Five Reasons Why Reflection is Essential for Meaningful Learning

Reflecting on our experiences is key to the learning process. And it’s one that can be easily included in your online course design.

How to Facilitate an Online Course and Community on OpenLearning

In an online course, facilitation doesn’t just begin when the course opens.

It starts before your students enter the course and works best with a proactive and nurturing approach.

Five Practical Ways to Enhance the Online Learning Experience with Facilitation

The online learning experience doesn’t have to be an isolating endeavour. Here are five practical ways a facilitator can enhance the learning experience in an online course.

The Benefits of Facilitation for an Active Learning Community

With less time spent on delivering content, teachers and facilitators can spend more time on building a learning community and setting up the right environment for students to exchange ideas and experiences.

Qualitative Vs. Quantitative Methods of Verification and Evaluation

. Once you design and create the course, one of your goals is to find out if the course objectives meet the course outcomes. In other words, if your students learnt what you expected them to learn.