Category: Teaching Strategies

How People Learn: Active vs Passive Learning

An important concept to think about as a teacher is how people learn best.

Experiential Learning: Breaking Down the Learning Cycle

Let’s have a closer look at each phase of Kolb’s Learning Cycle!

Five Tips to Kick-Start Your Creative, Critical and Analytical Thinking Skills

Thinking is a wonderful journey where you explore, discover, imagine and create the world around you. It’s not a static but a highly dynamic cognitive process influenced by various factors and circumstances that change over the time.

How to Stay Focused with Course Learning Outcomes

Let’s say you have decided to create your first online course. You are super excited, highly motivated and have heaps of ideas! However, after a couple of days, you might become slightly overwhelmed and kind of ‘lost’.

Five Easy to Implement Strategies to Make Your Students ENJOY Learning

How can we apply principles of intrinsic motivation into online learning? How can you create the environment which will strongly support your students’ inner will to learn?

How to Design Learning Experiences to Get Your Students’ Attention Hooked

Here are two quick tips you can implement in your activity design, to begin engaging your students today.

Taking Learning to the Next Level Through Project-Based Learning

Deciding on which teaching method works best for your students can be an overwhelming challenge.