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‘Chalk And Talk’ Or Technology. Do I Have A Choice? (Part Three)

How useful is the online lecture? Used wisely and sparingly, online lecture can be used effectively to add another dimension to the classroom lecture.

‘Chalk And Talk’ Or Technology. Do I Have A Choice? (Part Two)

Much has been written about integrating technology into a classroom. The question that is usually asked is, is it really necessary — is it really useful?

‘Chalk and Talk’ or Technology. Do I Have a Choice? (Part One)

Recently I shared one article on the Facebook (FB) group, Learning innovation Circle (LIC) and asked for comments from the members. The article, “’Chalk and Talk’ Might be the Best Way to Teach After All”, sparked the idea for this brief article.

Brain Rewiring and Success

Yesterday I was speaking with one of my colleagues, a new aspiring lecturer and we moved on to the topic of online courses. My colleague noted that “one cannot truly connect with students online.” I definitely beg to differ and I […]

Do Your Students Have Harmful Expectations (Part 2)

This second part of two part article suggests some strategies for teachers and educational designers to alter student expectations so that they become more focused on deep learning and the true objectives of the courses they undertake.

Do Your Students Have Harmful Expectations?

There is often a mismatch between how we want our students to be changed in our courses, and their expectations of those courses.

Ever Wondered How The Good Stats Teachers Do It?

The key to a great classroom experience is that students will actually enjoy coming to class and that won’t happen in most cases unless you make the classroom fun.

Open All Hours

I have four examples from the last six years through which to advocate for an ‘Open All Hours’ approach to sharing educational resources.