How Was Your 2014?

We’ve grown from 30,000 to over 100,000 students and we have lots of new amazing partners!

Open All Hours

I have four examples from the last six years through which to advocate for an ‘Open All Hours’ approach to sharing educational resources.

Neither Technology Nor Pedagogy Should Come First In Design

In this contribution, I would like to focus on the rationale: the justification we provide for using a specific technology in our learning and teaching contexts.

OpenLearning Launches The Educationist

The Educationist is an email publication dedicated to improving the quality of education pedagogy and conversation. Our aim is to build a community of diverse individuals sharing ideas, opinions and academic work on education discourse.

More Than Apps and Gadgets

Umair Haque, who is perhaps the only economist I can read without suffering indigestion, quite rightly condemns today’s penchant for addressing social problems with yet another app.

How Online Education Can Help You Become a Lifesaver

The revolution in online education is bringing opportunities to learn anything to people everywhere, including the education necessary to save a life.

5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Poetry

Here are our top five reasons to keep poetry alive!