More Than Apps and Gadgets

Umair Haque, who is perhaps the only economist I can read without suffering indigestion, quite rightly condemns today’s penchant for addressing social problems with yet another app.

How Online Education Can Help You Become a Lifesaver

The revolution in online education is bringing opportunities to learn anything to people everywhere, including the education necessary to save a life.

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OpenLearning Selected as Malaysia’s National MOOC Platform

Malaysia’s Ministry of Education has announced as the official MOOC platform for all public institutions of higher education in the country.

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Our CEO and Co-Founder Adam Brimo talks the direction of MOOCs and online education within Asia and the South Pacific.

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Students learn best when they actively construct their own knowledge and understanding. Adam Brimo explains how the learning platform OpenLearning aims to change the current model of higher education and align it with how students really learn.

5 Take Home Lessons to Kick-Start Your Start Up

The worst mistake you can make is to not make any mistakes.